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Although it is not something that you will find yourself needing to do every day (unless you write smartphone guides and app reviews for a living), there are situations where being able to capture a screenshot is useful. Maybe you want to keep a record of a high score on a game to show your friends or show someone how you have set up a particular phone feature. Whatever the reason, the Galaxy S3 offers two methods for taking screenshots.


Method 1 – Swipe Screen

The easiest way to capture a screenshot on the Galaxy S3 is to activate Palm Swipe to Capture. To do this:

1. Open the Settings app and scroll down the the Motion option. You will see a switch to turn the various motion options on or off. Tap this to turn them on.

2. Now tap the word Motion to open the list of motion settings. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see Palm Swipe to Capture. Tap the check box to enable.

3. To capture a screenshot on any screen, swipe to the left or right across the screen using the side of your hand. You don’t have to use the side of your hand (although this works best) as long as you swipe across more than half the screen.

Method 2 – Hold Power and Home

If, for some reason, you prefer not to use the Swipe Palm method, you can capture screenshots by pressing the Power button and the Home button at the same time, holding them for a second until you hear the shutter sound. This can be tricky as you must press both buttons at exactly the same time.

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